Work in The Time of COVID: Accelerating the Spread of FoW


For the past two years, the concept of the Future of Work (FoW) has been a popular topic in the network of conversation among thought leaders, organizational researchers, and business executives. Digitalization, automation and other tools are powering new combinations of work, talent, skill requirements, and work relationships. Changing markets, sh...

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The Magic of the Mundane: In Praise of Good Managers


As an organizational psychologist, my career has been devoted to helping organizations attract, develop, and retain talent—and by "talent" that has most often meant "leaders".However, along the way, many of us in HR (myself included) may have at times been guilty of focusing on high potentials and superstars at the expense of skilled, steady manage...

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Looking Ahead to the Future of Work


A successful organization in 2023 will look, feel and operate very differently than one today.  In this Instagram age of texts and tweets, it should come as no surprise that the most important and complex workplace challenge facing CEOs and CHROs is neatly summarized by the acronym FoW. Forget YOLO, FOMO or even VUCA, the Future of Work is top...

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