About the Founder

An expert in psychological testing and assessment, Dr. Warech has over 30 years experience in the measurement, evaluation, and prediction of performance.  He has developed a deep expertise with a variety of diagnostic tools and methodologies as well as feedback and goal setting protocols.  Michael's work is borne out of the recognition that the most significant impediment a student-athlete encounters in pursuit of peak athletic performance is the mental barrier that an individual imposes on oneself.

Dr. Warech works with coaches and student-athletes at the elite youth, high school and collegiate levels to identify, through validated methods, those mental skills in need of development to allow student-athletes to achieve their potential. 

His consultations help student-athletes, coaches, and teams handle the pressures of competition, including enhancing self-awareness and the ability to focus, rebounding from setbacks and, overall, developing confidence to overcome competitive anxieties.

Dr. Warech has the ability to gain the trust of both student-athletes and coaches, alike, setting the stage for real behavioral change and effective transition and maintenance of knowledge, techniques, and protocols.

Dr. Warech is a frequent speaker at national and regional sports conventions and conferences across the U.S.  He is sought out for his expert opinions on issues related to sport, mental skills development, and performance enhancement and, is a regular presenter at coaches' clinics at the youth, high school, and collegiate levels.

Dr. Warech holds a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology from Stevens Institute of Technology. His research has appeared in numerous peer-review journals. He was selected to serve on the National Commission on Testing and Public Policy, chaired by President Bill Clinton.  An active member of the American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Society, Michael received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Emory University.
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