human capital consulting

Welcome to warech associates llc human capital consulting where our focus is on helping organizations solve complex business issues through better human capital management.

  • Align HR strategy, programming and service delivery with corporate strategy and business needs
  • Design and implement competency-based talent management programming
            * selection
            * performance management
            * learning and leadership development
            * multi-rater feedback systems
            * talent reviews and succession planning
            * career pathing
  • Design incentive reward programming
  • Assess and manage employee engagement
  • Determine ROI of human capital investments
  • Transform HR functions
  • Build, maintain and communicate employee experience brands


               student-athlete performance                enhancement consulting


Welcome to warech associates llc performance enhancement consulting where our focus is on helping student-athletes and coaches understand, develop and leverage sports psychological concepts and self-management techniques in order to achieve excellence both on and off the field. 

  • Assess student-athlete and/or team level psychological skills required for enhanced performance
  • Design goal-driven performance enhancement plans with student-athletes and coaches
  • Deliver psychological skills assessment and development coaches' workshops
  • Conduct individual and team game and practice observation and debrief sessions
  • Conduct coaches' consultations
  • Conduct 360-degree consultations (student-athlete, coach, parent)
  • Train student-athletes and coaches psychological skill enhancement techniques